It has been almost a year since I wrote anything here! As usual I am in a new place and I find myself writing posts that speak of what I myself have experienced or learned about in my own life.

The last two posts blossomed out of our time in Thailand in January and February. It was a time of both making exciting new contacts and having much time for reflection.  Another blossoming in Thailand was the new experience of playing with words to make them into poems. These poems seemed to reflect both the physical and the spiritual experiences of my time there.

I finally decided to share some of them here because they speak to the themes that I am investigating in my own personal development and to what seems to be trying to evolve generally speaking.


The Beach


I walk briskly down the beach at low tide

Feeling at one with the breeze and the sky

Splashing a wake in the warm lapping waves

Touched by the sight of the light and blue haze.


Suddenly I’m struck with a wild knowing.

Yes- I am a spiritual being

Enjoying physical reality

Not a body seeking spirituality


I find myself wishing desperately

That we multi-colored humans could see

That the truth beyond culture’s tyranny,

Is the jewel of connectivity!


The Dream Maker


The Dream Maker awakens me in Thailand,

Weaving a story of my life each day

Out of my experience, small or grand,

Offering me a mirror where I can play.


Keep your outer boundaries transparent

Open the gates of your mind and heart wide.

Discover the connection inherent

In everything, although masked in disguise.


Is this the mystery we humans must solve?

Learning to read the magic formula,

And understand what’s trying to evolve

From the secrets hidden in trivia?


Cease judging both the familiar and strange

Comparing, excluding and acting proud.

Thinking you belong on a higher plane

When everyone is one and the same crowd.


I wonder what miracle might occur

If we understood this reality

And met with openness even what hurts –

Getting the whole point of duality.



Thai Rain


Thick haze hides the mountains and embraces

The trees with a humid breeze – secret signs

Of weather shifting mood. The sea agrees,

Stirring surf, swelling waves and cresting foam

In early dawn. By breakfast the sky sends

Rain on its way. Tip-toeing in, dripping

through the drain-pipes it takes captive the day.


A bright flash of lightning catches my eye

And rain splashes down with force from on high.

A gasp rises from the crowd as daylight

Becomes gloom. To add to the atmosphere

A thunderbolt booms a warning of charge

Scattering bathers at the pool, tourists

Set adrift with nothing to do. All eyes

On the torrents pounding with a clatter

Then abating, a mild pitter-patter.

And rising again with full force, great sheets

Of water crash down around us like wrath

People huddle staying out of its path.


What a purification and cleansing!

I wish it could melt my limitations,

Banish the old patterns clogging my brain,

Fully liberate myself with Thai rain.