Team Coaching


We help the team to develop the ability to mobilize different perspectives, thoughts and values in a skillful and constructive way.  This in turn releases un-tapped creativity and resourcefulness.

When a system is able to take in all perspectives with openness and understanding, it becomes influenced in a new way. This creates the foundation for good decision-making and creative problem solving as well as new approaches and products.

Through using Relationship System Intelligence (RSI), individuals experience the capacity to see oneself as part of a larger system.  The teams and organisation are able to move beyond the personal/partial to a powerfully generative group identity.  It facilitates in the team a sense of shared purpose and commitment to the whole. This leads to developing clarity around future goals and visions as well as concrete actions to achieve them.

Through use of metaphor, drawing and movement, the team becomes more conscious of its own functioning.  This releases the natural creative movement of the team to a high level of functioning.

We help the individuals in the team to understand their communication style and to understand how communication functions best for themselves and each other.

We also have tools to measure the teams productivity and positivity according to the team’s own self-assessment.

Our experience with RSI orientated team coaching has shown among other things the following results:

  • Creates an atmosphere of safety that allows individuals to discuss important issues in a way that brings more people into the conversation and leads to positive and concrete actions
  • Enhances group identity, pride and the desire to succeed as a whole
  • Arouses empathy and understanding for the different functions or departments, which leads to focused cooperation
  • Increases positivity and productivity in the system
  • Ability to use system principles, tools and skills to create well functioning relationships in both business and private settings
  • Creates a climate where diverse voices can be processed in a way that fosters creativity and triggers new solutions

For more information look under resources for the following:

Relationship System Intelligence: Center for Right Relationship. (CRR) There is no question that when two or more people come together, something else shows up. At the Center for Right Relationship we call it the relationship system, not just the relationship.  A relationship system is the series of experiences, events and behaviors that happen when 2 or more people come together around a common purpose. Those experiences, events and behaviors are inextricably linked to one another and are affected by everyone involved.

Communication Styles: LIFO® Training is a method that helps individuals and teams be aware of their natural strategies for action and communication. It focuses on strengths — showing what works best for each person.  It begins by identifying each person’s basic orientation to life and work.

Team assessment:  Team Diagnostics The Team Diagnostic model and assessment are based on the latest work in Emotional Intelligence, Appreciative Inquiry, Positive Psychology, change management, and team research conducted at leading universities.

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